Freedomsoft Reloaded Is It Worth It?

Preston Elys Freedomsoft is not going to make money fall from the sky and do EVERYTHING for you- nothing will. That might make some people mad and that’s not the goal but with so many people leaping on the bandwagon you might appreciate some real talk about this software.

Freedomsoft is not perfect- the first one wasn’t and this one isn’t either but its pretty damn close and its really going to be the best thing out here- Period. There’s maybe one other system even close and that one which shall remain nameless is missing some crucial stuff Reloaded has included standard. You can’t find a better “all in one” real estate investing product ANYWHERE.

This is not the 1980’s -you have to have good technology and you have to be systematized. Everybody is trying their hand at investing but the ones who are succeeding know when they need help and they know where to get it. Preston Ely’s reputation precedes him. The man knows what he’s doing and he’s got something with Freedomsoft. If you’re like me, you expect to get quality when you spend your money and Freedomsoft Reloaded delivers.

Preston and Pete, the brains behind it have outdone themselves this time around. Users who bought the first Freedomsoft product gave them great feedback and they did something unique. They actually listened and created a better system . This thing is incredible .

First of all, they super-sized the classroom section which you really need because things are changing everyday in real estate and you have to be up on the latest. It’s all in there. They divided it into two sections- tutorials and resources. The resources include related applications and software that you might also like and as for the tutorials- nothing there is fluff. It’s all good solid resources and training you really need in your business.

They also added some stuff to the setup area. You can create your email templates and add accounts very easily- a trick that comes in handy if you have a couple of people working in your business and need to integrate more than one account.

Another thing that’s really good and will be so effective is the ability the software has to help you create document packages. Instead of creating documents all over the place and trying to keep track of them- it does it for you. You can create multiple documents and send them all together in one package. Efficient and so cool, and if you wold like to see a detailed video of the new system go to

Freedomsoft Reloaded is worth taking a look at- with all its improvements and upgrades it just might be the thing very thing you need to take your business to the next level. Go to if you want to take a look at a more detailed review.

Freedomsoft Reloaded

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